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Basrah, Baghdad, and Beyond: The U. S. Marine Corps in the Second Iraq War

"Reynolds's first-draft history of Marine Corps participation in Operation Iraqi Freedom … is intended as a framework for understanding how Marines coped with the challenges of their mission in 2002 and 2003: defeating Saddam's regime and … liberating the Iraqi people. Reynolds and his colleagues from the … Marine Corps History and Museums Division collected an impressive amount of data from varied sources to present the story. … [H]is book raises several critical issues, particularly as it juxtaposes the Corps leaders' confident approach to combat in Iraq with their distaste for post-combat stabilization and security operations…and as it reveals the Iraqi conflict's implications for the U.S. military in preparing to fight socially complex and adaptive adversaries in the future." — Joint Forces Quarterly


"Reynolds covers Marine Corps participation in Operation Iraqi Freedom with a participant's insight, careful research, and trenchant style. Embed this book in your required reading on war [in] … the Arab world." — Col. Allan R. Millett, USMCR (Ret)


"…Basrah, Baghdad, and Beyond is an excellent book for officers or other professionals seeking to improve their understanding of contemporary operational-level war fighting and could profitably be studied at intermediate-level professional military education schools for seminars on operational art. Process is clearly much more to be written about this campaign, but this book provides a good framework to launch the process on operational art." — U.S. Naval War College Review